Are you a real estate agent? Join Housing Agent, we promote agents, worldwide. in Edinburgh is an 'Uber-like' experience for people when they relocate anywhere in the world.

Why you should join
We want to bring the human side of house hunting back into a market which is becoming increasingly driven by digital platforms, AI, algorithms, and automation. We believe that the skills and knowledge that an experienced agent brings to their client are something that a computer can't replace, and our mission is to connect an agent's wealth of knowledge with our base of discerning clients. We promote agents worldwide.

Online in 100 countries & 350+ cities, all covered by domain names, Twitter User Names and trademarks.

For agents in the UK
Are you an agent? Join other professionals like yourself on this exclusive HOUSING AGENT network and receive high quality customers from around the world.

- For ¬ 50* per month become part of an international network of agents
- 100 countries and 350+ cities, worldwide uniform coverage in domain names
- Get leads from around the world and tap into a market of relocating expats
- Get a competitive advantage based on your biography, skills & commission structure
- Get top ranked in Google with your Premium Account on
- We bring clients to you, personally. Because people prefer to do business with real people.
- Sign up now and take advantage on our offer:
* ¬ 50 per month, price based on a 1 year subscription, paid upfront
Every second profile of the same company, 50% discount
If you want to list more than 5 profiles, please contact us for a custom made offer.

Profile requirements and rules:
- Must register a full professional profile with picture and logo;
- Write your content in English, detailed biography and how you work;
- Become a verified premium business profile.

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