Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service in Dundee

Do your carpets need a deep down steam clean, or have you got stains you just can,t remove? Sticky marks on carpets and upholstery can attract further soiling creating an unsightly stain that looks even more prominent. Ground dirt from heavy footfall or pets can damage carpet fibres, attract germs and eventually give your home an unsightly, depressing "lived in" mustiness.

All our products are phosphate free and bio-degradable. For wool carpets, we use "Woolsafe" approved products, which feature natural fragrencies. We will pre-treat any heavily soiled areas to help prevent any sticky residues that may attract soil after cleaning is complete and use natural Ph spot cleaners for removing the toughest stains.

Our Deep Cleaning Program includes:

1. Vacuum - If appropriate, we will vacuum your carpet and spot clean any areas that need special attention.

2. Pre-spray and agitation - Your carpets will be given a pre-treatment spray to help break down soils. To assist in this process, the chemicals will be worked into the carpet using mechanical roller brushes (agitation).

3. Deep clean extraction - Your carpets will be rinsed clean using a hot water extraction method which is generally accepted as the best method of deep cleaning in the industry. The ph balancing rinse has been treated with a sanitising anti-bacterial deodoriser which will neutralise any bacteria and odours caused by day t day spillages.

Our company uses the Ashby Enforcer and Ashby Sensei machines; arguably the best machines in the business. We know that maintaining a healthy living environment is important to customers and our fully trained technicians will ensure that stains and odours are removed efficiently using the latest natural fragrance, eco-friendly, high performance cleaning products.

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