Exterior building cleaning in York

Why is it important to keep your roof moss-free?

Mould, Mildew, Fungus and Algae are all in the Top 10 Allergy Irritants list.
Mould and Fungus are the known culprits in Sick Building Syndrome.
Mouldy areas are one of the top environments looked for in a Legionnaires Disease outbreak.

Its more cost effective to treat and clean then it is to replace and repair!
If your roof is not kept clean and well-maintained, roof moss and algae can take years off the life of your roof. It is really important to remember roof algae is a living organism and needs food to stay alive. It is physically feeding on your roof, furthermore, some manufacturers use preservatives which moss loves to feast on. If your roof has moss or algae, you will have to replace your roof much faster.

What's the Solution?

Call a professional to Soft Wash your roof following a gentle scrape of the moss. Softwashing emulsifies the organic matter on the roof, it kills Algae, Mould, Mildew, Moss, Lichen, Bacteria and Viruses. In fact a professional Soft Wash will sanitise your surfaces to 98.9%
Soft Washing is the best solution to treating and cleaning your roof because;
Actually Treats The Infestation.
No Damage From Pressure.
More Sustainable Cleaning Model
You must use a chemical that will kill the entire plant.
You must break its bond on the surface.
You must penetrate all the way to the root.
You have to achieve a 100% Kill Ratio.
Power washing only strips away the top of the algae bloom.
The roots are still within the surface you are cleaning

We are part of the "Good Stewards" programme which ensures all of our chemicals for Soft Washing are Water based and Biodegradable.

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