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A unique combination of Coaching and Counselling - at the touch of a button in Cambridge



I'm Clair, a qualified Life Coach. I move between Counselling skills and Coaching with clients to help understand, feel into and untangle life's past and present while building a more beautiful, balanced and peaceful future.

Pocket Therapy is a unique new talking therapy which accompanies you wherever you go. It uses Voicenotes as a medium which offer an uninterrupted and deep therapeutic space allowing you to share what's on your mind anytime in the very moments you feel to, and to be responded to over a period of 6 hours on weekdays. Clients can also arrange a time out of the usual hours to suit them. I will do my best wherever I can to make this possible.

With Pocket Therapy, clients, rather than waiting to see their therapist for a specific hour of a specific day, use up their credit on a minute by minute basis over their week exactly as and when they need to and is available to clients all over the UK.

Pocket Therapy can hold and explore:
~ Relationships - beginning and ending and anywhere in between including relationship with self
~ Feelings of fear, loss, anxiety or depression
~ Identifying and moving through patterns and blocks
~ Exploring our hopes and dreams and how to sculpt them into reality
~ Alternative perspective

The greatest gift I can give is the space for you to express and the deep hearing of you. I believe greatly in the healing power of expressing oneself and truly being heard.

I look forward to hearing from you if you feel Pocket Therapy could be a beautiful addition to your life.

Pocket Therapy

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