Thera Sense Fidget Products in Manchester


Thera Sense Fidget Products makes activity, sensory and stimulatory fidget aprons, blankets, cushions, quilts, twiddle muffs and oddments for folks with Alzheimer's, dementia, autistic and LO's with other brain trauma.

I custom design for visually impaired LO's and any kind of themed item. All items come with a small soft toy.

Price depends on size, so go from 25 Pounds for a small padded fidget blanket, to 30 for medium, 45 for large, 55 for XL and 65 for XXL. I also do double-sided for special orders - 90 Pounds. Aprons cost 35 Pounds and twiddle muffs 18 Pounds.

While I am based in South Africa, I am a full time carer for my own mom, so rely mostly on material donated by interior decorator's, so the look and feel of my items is totally different. I am happy to use Minky fleece as a base and the colour contrast, strong choice of patterns, together with lots of activity and sensory features make my items sell worldwide.

Not all items showed are available for purchase - just as examples of my work. I usually find out who is needing an item, their likes, dislikes, colours, hobbies/interests, any visual disorders and physical mannerisms and then check out my stock. If I have nothing suitable available (my doggie themed items go fast), then I make from scratch. I export world wide, but my vintage machines and lack of a lot of work time mean that I require 6 - 8 weeks notice to secure a special delivery in time.

Postage in Dollars is usually a minimum of $25, so Pounds would be an extra of say 20. Although items are lightweight, they can be rather bulky and are expensive to post from Africa.

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