Personalised Hospital discharge service available in West Kent in West Malling

If you have been in hospital for a while, it is not easy if you then have to go home on your own. It is quite likely that the heating is off, the house cold and dusty and everything in the fridge may have gone off.

There is now a privately run service that can deal with all of these issues and more, to get you safely home as soon as practical. We offer a joined up service that you can rely on 100%, all at a fair cost.

Seniors Helping Seniors is a unique service that employs able, caring and compassionate seniors to provide help for seniors who have been ill or find that nature and age dictates they cannot do all the things they used to take for granted. All are DBS and reference checked for your safety and security.

We can do all or some of the following for you, to make sure your homecoming is as easy as possible. We can organise for one of our senior helpers to:

Visit you in the Hospital, or if planning in advance at your home, to discuss what you need us to do for you.
Collect your key from you or a neighbour, bringing a security pass to prove identity.
Check your home gas, electric, water and telephone services are all connected and report back to you.
Check the heating is working (if appropriate) and set the thermostat to have your home at the right temperature for your homecoming.
Remove everything that is out of date in your fridge or larder and dispose of it.
Go shopping the day before you go home to make sure you have everything you need when you get home. You just tell us what you need.
Do a clean of the house, clean, dust, vacuum, polish as you request.
Collect you from Hospital in a private car and take you home, no sharing, no going round the houses, just straight home.
Help you (if needed) to get into your home and comfortable.
Spend as much time as you wish with you, whilst you reacclimatise to being at home.

Once you are happy, we can leave you in your home to relax and recover or provide further services.

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