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Problem Cryptorchid 'rig' colts 'geldings' wanted for repair in Halesworth



Any breed and age, but preferably miniature or child's pony size with any Cryptorchid symptoms.
Either no dropping of 1 testicle (or both) - and/or visually appearing to be a gelding, but behaving like a stallion or having any violent, or aggressive behaviour that's unacceptable.

The aim is to fix the problem so it's sorted - avoiding the horse or pony being passed from person to person with this Cryptorchid 'rig' symptom.
Can arrange collection if delivery is not possible.
May also consider taking in larger horses to sort out too.

The Cryptorchid (or 'rig') condition is inherited and if the genetic defect from the breed line was removed, then it would be much better for everyone, mainly for the animals too.
Some breeders sadly though choose to ignore this, and breed from a known Cryptorchid possibly wanting female offspring (which isn't affected) and the problem thus remains, if a male is born.

If you have a rig, don't know what to do with him and really would like to have the problem sorted out, get in touch!
A decision is first made on what course of action to follow, and that depends on WHICH type of retention there is: abdominal or inguinal.
It's a 'take in and try to sort out' process right now, but the rig could be returned IF he's considered OK for that.

If any surgery however was required (to fix the problem) that would firstly be down to the current owner's decision and all subsequent expenses met by the owner too - UNLESS the rig was either gifted OR sold to me, then I would take him on, and thus pay any required costs.

That said, in a situation where the animal WAS transferred over, it still can be visited anytime and the process even reversed (all payments/costs refunded back) thus with the original owner then taking the animal back again, if they wanted to.

The main aim is really to get the 'wild' rig behaviour contained to avoid further complications and also then have it sorted out.

If you have a rig you many either decide 'enough is enough' and just want the problem sorted out by somebody else - but never for him to return back again, or like others (while unable maybe to fix the problem themselves) may at sometime like the 'restored' animal back, when it's ready and able to do so.

The attached pony photos bit, lashed out, and generally behaved in an truly awful manner... he wasn't wanted back again!

I worked with that rig for many months, and he actually became a lovely, loyal little man in the end, with most of his problems solved, plus without any surgery needed. (He hated travel, and vets too!)

This was why I've decided to extend the assistance for others (like him) - who have a rig type 'problem' and really need sorting out :)

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