Kids first safe pony in Rotherham

Fantastic first pony for loan!
It is with a lot of thought that we are putting our loved TT up for loan!
This pony is amazing in every single way, she has been with us for the last 3.5 years and has taught my niece the ropes on the lead. My niece is now ready to come off the lead and we just can't part for her to be sold!
TT has never put a foot wrong, she is used to hectic toddlers around her and is just the best.
TT costs next to nothing to keep and just requires a trim, she will be loaned with a full wardrobe including bridle, saddle, head collars, rugs (fly and lightweight x2) fly masks etc..
A viewing and contract will be required as this is a potential 18 month - 2 year loan.
You couldn't ask for a safer gentle first pony please message me for serious enquiries!
(To move yard within 1 hour radius of S63)
Must have experience and knowledge of owning horses