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RFID items to protect your identity and finances from being stolen in Mold



1)Rise in digital pickpockets brought a new dimension to shopper's security, particularly on busy high streets, public transport and during the Festive shopper period. Tech-savvy thieves use handheld devices to 'skim' cash or data from your contactless cards, from only a few feet away! A range of RFID products are available from us, RFID purses, wallets, passport wallets and secret pocket bags for inside your clothes/jackets - ideal for travellers. Our range also includes the popular RFID card pouch protection sleeves (introduced by us in 2015 to public help protect people's finances & identity from them - these were also featured on BBC TV Rip Off Britain.

2)Bag dippers and purse snatchers are in their element at this time of the year, getting close in queues or streets brings temptation for 'grab and go thefts' Secure your belongings with reliable bag alarms, cables.

3)Purse bells are a popular item to beat bag dippers - we have these in a choice of 10 colours, ideal for all ages. These are very useful during busy shopping periods and also for inside your home - alerting you if someone is going inside your bag or purse. These are also ideal for young people and their school bags and also for your dog - so you can hear where they are. Recently one of our dog watch members told us they use these on their gate as an alert if someone is entering their garden. Proving the usefulness of this item.

4)A target for thieves on busy streets are mobile phones, with crime trends such as using scooters to conduct rapid grab and getaway tactics - you can secure your phone using phone cables. We also have a range of personal alarms, personal sprays as well as the effective spray colour marking gel!

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