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Siberian Husky Female.
1.5 years old. I'm very sadly having to find a new home for Shiloh. She is a beautiful loving girl who gets on very well with children and other dogs, she just wants to play! Not so good with chickens, ducks and small furrys! Our circumstances are changing and I'm no longer able to be with her all the time and its just not fair on her sat at home. I really don't want to unsettle her with a new home, but she needs someone who can devote their time and energy to her. She is a husky so yes she is full of it and gets bored, but she doesn't destroy everything in site! She is happy to sit in my truck on her own and at home with our labrador. She's not happy shut away, so is not suitable for cage training (we tried and she just hurt herself). I do let her off the lead and shes normally fine with our labrador but is definitely not 100%on recall unfortunately, as is often the case with huskys. I have to be honest as she deserves the right home.

She got caught on heat accidentally and had a beautiful litter of 5 very healthy huskadors at the start of last December. She had absolutely no problems the whole way through pregnancy, birth and nursing them and is back to her previous self now.

She is a very slight build and it is currently proving difficult to keep weight on her, so she needs to be supplemented to try and get her weight up going forward. Despite this though she's very healthy, bright and energetic.

Please contact me for any more information. I'm happy to answer any questions. Really hoping to find the right person/people for her

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