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Two rabbits and a hutch in Belfast



We are currently seeking a home for two lovely rabbits. Sunny is a male who is approximately 7 years old and is neutered. Sunny is a placid little rabbit who loves munching on leaves and sunning himself.

Penny is approximately three years old and is Sunny's daughter. Unfortunately penny's mum (Sunny's partner) passed away a year and a half ago due to old age. Penny is not spayed (as Sunny is). Penny is very close to her dad and they enjoy preening each other and cuddling up together. Penny is a little resistant to being held at times as is common with females.

Penny and Sunny live with a dog and a cat who, you will see from the photo, enjoy their company.

We've had the rabbits for a long time and our children have now grown up, one away to uni and the other busy with exams. The adults in the house are now taking care of the rabbits and although we love them there may be a family with younger children who can enjoy caring for them now.

They are used to the freedom of the back yard and although they have a hutch they only use this to shelter in the rain. They would need a place to run about.

We need to be very careful about the home they go to next as I am aware that rabbits can be used for baiting. We cannot allow this to happen so if we ask you lots of questions etc that is why. If we cannot find a suitable home we will be keeping them and caring for them as we have done.

Before you consider;

healthy house rabbits can live 10 years or longer. That means that Penny could live for another 7 years!
Do you have space for them? They do like to run about in the yard.
Do you know what to feed the rabbit? They love pellet food only, lots of hay, leaves and left over fruits and vegetables.
Are you aware of rabbit illnesses and how to recognize them? They are super healthy and haven't had any illnesses to date.
Are you willing to pay a vet bill if he gets sick or injured?

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