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This is Flexo

Flexo is a 3-months old roborovski, he's still very tiny and a shy boy. He loves to run on his wheel and is always making burrows.

Flexo's story
Sadly Flexo's past owners were given false information about hamster care so unfortunately Flexo was housed in a very small cage with little to no bedding and with too small of a wheel for Flexo to run on. Due to all the false information Flexo's past owners had, they never handled Flexo due to this Flexo is a shy boy. However we are currently working with Flexo to help build his confidence with people and are making progress.

If you're interested in Flexo feel free to contact us :)

However we will not rehome Flexo to anyone with inappropriate care such as housing him in a cage under 620sq inches, using a wheel under 8 inches and if you're planning on using unsafe bedding such as pine, centred or cedar.

Hamsters need space, as they run up to five miles a night and roborovski have been known to travel even further. Bigger is always better with cages! Hamsters need a wheel as they are very active animals, that's why we recommend a 8 inch solid surface wheel for Flexo, as too small of a wheel can cause serious back problems for Flexo and non solid surface wheel can cause bumblefoot foot. And the reason we will not rehome to you if you're planning on using unsafe bedding such as pine, centred or cedar is all of these bedding have been proven to harm hamsters.

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Guide to rehoming

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