24. Reclaimed Beech Wood Parquet Flooring XX Century From A Private Flat in West Norwood


24. Reclaimed Beech Wood Parquet Flooring XX Century From A Private Flat PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION
This parquet comes from a private flat.
There's 28 m2 available. Listed price is per m2.
Size: 30 x 4.8 x 2.1 cm
Photos 1,2 - sanded and oiled
Photos 3,4 - after dismantling
Photo 5 - bottom (bitumen has been cleaned, no bits sticking out)
Photo 6 - possible patterns
PLEASE NOTE: We are here to find solution to the problem and not the other way around, so please work with us to make the transaction go the best way it can. :) Here's some additional information that will help in achieving this:

- The cost of delivery depends on the delivery address and it's calculated when placing order.

- We source our parquet flooring in Poland, and that's where our main warehouse is at the moment. Lead time for delivery is between 1-3 weeks and we always keep our clients updated as for the ETA of their purchased goods.

- When we reclaim our parquets (by either dismantling them ourselves or buying it already dismantled), there is always a risk that small percentage of blocks may have slightly broken T&Gs, however we always separate the ones that are unusable and keep only the ones that will be 100% usable - and only these we deliver to our clients. We give extra attention to quality control.

- The colour of the wood naturally varies, so it's very often that even blocks coming from the same floor have their differences in colour - some may be darker and some lighter in the same lot. It's wood's nature.

- Each order is prepared specifically to suit our client's needs, and also costs of transport are high, therefore we DO NOT accept returns. However, we are happy to exchange the parquet (in exactly the same quantity that is unusable) but only if there are missing pieces of the surface of the block that evidently show that it's broken, therefore unusable - that does not include marks of everyday use (for example, scratches etc). It is a RECLAIMED product.

- Each block is cleaned of bitumen or nails are taken out, however often it happens that some dirt remains in the T&G. To save you time and money we are offering thorough cleaning of each block at additional £2/m2.

- Please note that payments made via paypal must include 4% fee - ie. additional 4% to the total amount of the ordered quantity.

We are always doing our best to help and we never restrain from going the extra mile. Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to doing business with you!

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