Social media management for all business's in Bournemouth

We are like it, love it, share it, please find details of what we offer below.

What is a social media management service?

Essentially, it is looking after all your social media needs. Ensuring your brand is consistently visible and engaging. The more you're seen, the more people will think of you and the more people will visit your business and make use of your services. Proper social media management is essential, but for many small businesses is massively underused.

Why should I outsource? Why do I need this?

Firstly, stats say that 49% of small business' don't use social media enough and don't actually really know what to do with it. As a business owner, you already have your hands full running the day to day. I'm sure you are pretty much run off your feet. Learning how to properly manage your social media takes time and practice and it takes even more time keeping on top of the daily posting. As Lord Sugar always says, do what you know, and we sure know social media. By outsourcing you can trust that your social media is managed perfectly on a daily basis with very little effort or input on your part. We keep posts relevant, engaging and fun. See below some examples of what we would do every day to keep things buzzing and build your audience.

Increase post volume massively to 3 per day to ensure the company is being seen daily.
Utilize like and share promotions in exchange for goods.
Increase product photos to at least 1 per day - include shots behind the scenes - happy staff shots - ask customers to be included and tagged in return for a discount.
Include fun related posts that will get people commenting and further post reach. Fact of the day - related quiz questions - opinion polls.
Post special or product of the day to generate excitement.
Involve the public - design a product/menu competition.
Videos - behind the scenes.
Inspiring posts that fit with the owners - how you got started - how you have focused on your goals. Let the customers know you. People buy from people.
Memes - caption this - funny videos - sometimes un business related.
Employee profiles - get to know them. 5 Facts.
Celebrate random holidays.
Ask for customer feedback - share it! Reward it with offers.

These are proven techniques that work!

So what is it going to cost me?

In truth, not much. We are aware that small businesses run on a budget so our basic package managing Facebook is just £3 per day. To include Instagram and twitter its £4 per day, and to manage all customer interaction and messages its £5 per day (Up to 50 responses per month - busier pages can be discussed on case by case basis)

We'd love to have a meeting and discuss this more thoroughly, so please message with your availability and we will get something booked in.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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