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Formula for beauty and health
Water is for health!
A person is 80% water. And our beauty and health depends on how much water we drink. To lose weight and not stretch the skin, you must drink at least 2-2.5 litres of raw spring water or structured water per day. To improve the complexion, one should wash several times with structured water, without wiping. So, nails do not break and do not separate, you need to make baths with spring or structured water. When you use structured water for half a year in sufficient quantity, the biological age decreases!
We offer Devices that structure your water, making it better, safer, healthier to drink! The 2nd picture depicts water crystals, the left crystal is typical tap water (damaged by EMR & general radiation) & the right crystal is from water that has been structured, where clearly you can see how much healthier it is, making the water nicer tasting, and healthier to drink, to restore your bodies systems!

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