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Cryogenic Fat Reduction - Weightloss System - A Genuine Profitable Business Opportunity in Billericay




CryoSlim is extremely effective in removing those areas of stubborn fat that exercise and diet just cannot shift.
CryoSlim works fantastically well at body shaping - treating only those areas in which you want to remove fat.
CryoSlim treatment kills fat cells and also treats cellulite & varicose veins
Millions of Women & Men would love to be able to shape selected areas of their body without the need for cosmetic surgery or dieting - Now they can with CryoSlim.
Cutting Edge Technology
German Compressor and Electronics
Portable Design
Titanium Lined Wraps
Completely Safe
Comprehensive Warranty
CE Certified
This lightweight ergonomic application is designed to wrap around the body part where you want to kill fat. Targeting a specific area and ensuring treatment takes place in only the required spot.
CryoSlim can be used on all parts of the body (other than female breasts) and gets to work using a unique built-in CryoFreeze unit utilising the latest German Technology and state-of-the-art electronics.
Similar products work by simply vacuuming the fat you want to freeze treating it cryogenically but CryoSlim has vast differences which make it a more cost effective and superior product.
CryoSlim is easy to adapt and users can be fully trained in just one day.
What you get...
Along with the CryoSlim wraps, you will receive a full operating manual with on-going support complete with a comprehensive 1 year warranty.
CryoSlim is safe and can be used worldwide operating on a 12v / 24v system. It can also be used with 120v / 230v / 240v power outlet with a combination of an inverter. CryoSlim can be used in the European Union and the USA.
CryoSlim can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use CryoSlim at home, in the salon, at the office, even in your car and is fully portable and light weight to carry with you on your travels.
So what are you waiting for?
Are you ready to become a CryoSlim partner?


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