3 Free Rabbits & Bunnies for free near Liverpool

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    Regional freeads (within 50 miles of Liverpool)

  • Only one baby bunny left and a mum and daughter for free


    Blackpool - 28 miles

    Need my darling animals to move out asap. I'm a nurse and soon I will be moving into an accommodation so will not be able to feed them. My mum is on a.wheel chair so she cannot bend down or hardly stand up to look after them. The bunnies and the mum and daughter are free...

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    National freeads (50 miles or above)

  • Rabbit


    Norwich - 182 miles

    I need to get rid off one of my male rabbits. Ain had to long but clashing so need to move them apart ASAP before one get hurt. Got told 6 months but look big for 6 months I think. He ain had injections yet. Can send some food and prob a drink bottle

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  • Awaiting Image


    Wisbech - 138 miles

    I won't two rabbit also

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