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Hi Ladies!
I run a small online fashion boutique and also one in Birmingham and I'm looking for female models to pose in the clothes for the website pictures.
Job Requirements:
- Travel to photography studios, as well as street locations in and around Birmingham for a couple of hours of photo shoots, so ideally someone who is in commutable distance.
- The work basis will be as and when- could be anything from 2-8 photoshoots per month.
- Someone who can act as a 'ambassador' for the brand, i.e marketing on their social media.
- If you can do your own makeup and hair to a high standard, that would be an added bonus.
- No experience needed, and no age, race, height, weight restrictions. Just looking for someone with a neat, well-kept appearance.
- Someone who is reliable, easy going, can have a laugh but also professional.
The rate of pay is minimum wage per hour.
To apply, I will need to see pictures of you so please either send me:
- Your Instagram name if its open
- Or 2-3 Photos of yourself
- A short sentence about yourself including clothes size
Kind Regards

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