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Disability Support Worker/PA Required ASAP. in Derby



A young lady in Derby with hidden disabilities is looking for a private are support worker that can offer their services on a weekly and permanent basis. This just is only a part time job but it will be permanent.

The lady wants to privately hire a professional support worker who can improve her independence, confidence, and overall well being in her own home and within the community.

The disabled lady is looking for someone to work up to 7 hours a week, preferably every Tuesday (4 hours) and then Friday (3 hours).

Ideally, she would like the care calls to be between between 9am until 1pm on Tuesday and then 9am until 12 pm on Friday.

You must provide continuity every week by sticking to the same day and start time each week unless the employer decides to change her days/times.

It is important that the disabled lady has a highly structured week as the client does not like unpredictably or sudden changes.

But on rare occasions, the lady likes to sometimes have additional days of support when she needs assistance going to an appointment, for example.

So, it would be preferred if you can slightly flexible with your availability. However, the employer will try to give you enough notice if there needs to be changes to the rota on rare occasions.

The disabled lady would be your private employer. No agencies are involved.

However, her immediate family will monitor her support and sometimes communicate with her employee on rare occasions, if needed.

The support worker expects the support worker to provide intensive support on each visit. The calls must be highly organised properly, as the lady gets anxious if she does not have a good routine.

You must provide care in the form of motivational support, reminders, supervision, assistance, and/or prompts in various areas, such as:

- Personal care duties, such as getting dressed, hair styling, polishing nails, nail cutting, applying make up or getting a showering.

- Basic housekeeping.

- Helping the client to sustain therapeautic activities in the home or the community, such as arts and crafts, meditation, gentle exercises, going out in nature or music therapy.

- Light meal preparation or help with eating meals/snacks.

- Well being checks & monitoring the clients health and care needs.

- Accessing services and facilities in the community, such as therapeutic volunteering, shopping, hair dressers, local post office, or public swimming.

- Attending appointments and meetings on rare occasions.

- Advocating for the client, when needed.

- Helping me to understand complex information, such as subtle body language, complex financial matters, etc....

- Report any changes to her family and also her health and social care professionals in her well being.

- Helping the client ovcasionally fill in forms or make referrals on the clients behalf occasions.

- Helping the client on rare occasions to do educational activities in her home, such as online courses or read educational workbooks.

- Encouragement with socialising and forming relationships.

- Medication assistance or reminders.

- Ironing.

- Confidence building.

- Fetch medication from the chemist.

- Help the client to keep up with any therapies, such pace management techniques, problem solving, physiotherapy techniques, healthy lifestyle, diets, behavioural modification, etc...

- Help the lady to occasionally use a wheelchair or use other disability equipment during flare ups.

- Answer the door for your client.

- Encourage the lady to mobilise and improve her physical well being.

- And any other general home and care duties when needed

* Please note, the employer would prefer some flexibility from you in case she needs to go to an appointment or wants to go on a day trip. But the client will give you reasonable notice on when she needs to make any changes to the rota.

Your must ideally demonstrate during the interview and in your application that:

- You have a good educational background, ideally you must demonstrate you must have some level 2 qualifications or higher, such as GCSE's, NVQ's, etc...

- You have excellent communication, computer, and numeracy skills.

- You must have a clear accent as well.

- You have some knowledge or experience in health and social care issues or disability matters. If not, you must be willing to train up and be willing to study online courses that your employer offers.

- You must know how to do household duties to a good standard, such as light cooking, ironing, paying bill's, clearing out rubbish, making beds, vacuuming, polishing, mopping, window cleaning, etc...

- You must understand confidentiality and respect the privacy of your employer at all times.

- You must be understanding about promoting safety and well being of the disabled employer.

-You must not take away her independence.

- It is important you do not assume that disabled people cannot acheive things. We can acheive the same goals as anyone else but we have to do things in a different manner.

- Provide dignity to the client.

- Allow the lady to make her own choices and be in control of her life.

- Help the lady to lead a positive and active life despite her having hidden and long term disabilities.

- Go above and beyond for the lady, and not have a lazy attitude to the job.

- You must have a very clean and smart appearance. Uniform maybe provided by the employer.

- You must follow all health and safety policies in the disabled persons home.

- You must understand that the employers home is your workplace, therefore, you must show professionalism and respect at all times.

- Even though you can care for the disabled lady. But at the same time, you are not there to be best friends with the disabled lady.

- Be productive.

- You must show you have the ladies welfare at heart at all times.

- You must with your employer at all times if you have a problem with attending your shift in advance. Poor time management or frequent absences will result in a disciplinary.

- It is important you are punctual and turn up to your shifts frequently and promptly.

- You must show that you are applying for the job because you genuinely care and want to make a difference, and not just looking for money.

- You must be open minded about the ladies health and social care issues, and not make any assumptions about her life or disability related problems.

You must also demonstrate that you are:

- A quick learner.

- Be respectful and polite.

- Be organised and punctual at all times.

- Be good at research and have an interest for learning.

- Be good at communicating to your employer at all times.

- Be a good listener.

- Do not be opinionated.

- Can have a well balanced approach to life.

- Be very creative.

- Be non judgemental.

- Enjoys being around people.

- Have excellent organisational skills

- Be honest but in a sensitive manner.

- Willing to work hard and be thorough in every thing you do.

- Have a good sense of humour.

- Be extremely chatty but know when to take a step back.

- Be loyal.

- Be kind.

You must have the following approach to your work and personal life:

- Be a good team leader but know when to take a step back when its needed.

- Be very reliable.

- Be understanding on people with hidden disability matters, such as autism and mental health issues.

- Must be understanding about hidden disabilities such as chronic fatigue and pain disorders.

- Understand professional boundaries.

- Be a good role model.

- Have good common sense and be practical minded.

- Show an interest in health and social care matters.

- Promotes the rights of disabled adults.

The hourly rate will be a flare rate of £9.50 a hour, even on bank holidays and during weekends. This is quite a good rate compared to some PA/private care jobs.

You will also get travel allowance of up to £0.45 pence a mile.

You will be paid mileage for when you take the lady out in your car during your shifts.

But you must pay your own business car insurance.

You must undergo an enhanced DBS and offer the employer at least 2 professional or personal references before you are taken on.

You must have a clean criminal record. You must undergo annual DBS checks.

The employer prefers female carers only due to the nature of the care worker. This is not to discriminate against men.

And ideally, the employer would prefer some one with a very mature attitude to life and can have a flexible approach to their job. You must be kind, approachable and willing to learn on the job.

Even though I welcome job applicants from a diverse background, however, you must speak and read fluent English language. It is important there are no communication barriers in the job.

You must have a car and have full insurance at all times, and you must keep the car in good working condition at all times.

There will be some travelling in the community with the disabled lady. But you will be travelling around Derbyshire mainly with the employer.

Please be aware you will not be paid your wages and petrol costs immediately, hence you only get paid in arrears every 4 weeks.

You will only be paid car park fees when the client goes out in the community.

You will be covered privately by the employer with employment insurance cover on an annual basis.

You must demonstrate that you can legally work in the country if you are a non-us resident. So please bring any Visa or immigration documents to the interview.

Even though the employer will interview people of all diverse backgrounds and even with a disability, but must be in very good physical and mental health as you will be doing practical care duties and working around a vulnerable adult.

You must show personal ID at the interview to demonstrate your true identity before you are taken on.

If you have any educational certificates you must always provide evidence of this at the interview.

Prefers non smokers, but in some cases will take on employer who are smokers providing they are willing not to smoke in the work shift.

The employer will make sure you have regular training and appraisals provided to you.

You will have to go through a paid induction before you properly start any care duties with the disabled lady.

If you are looking to train up in a care job then this will be a great job for you. You will be doing something rewarding and in the process make good friends with the disabled lady.

You will be able to improve the life of a disabled lady by developing a therapeutic relationship with her each week. You will be providing your valuable time improving the life of a vulnerable adult.

If you do a good job for the employer she will offer a reference for any future employment you do. But hopefully the employer would like to employ you on a permanent basis.

You will get training in various topics such as autism, mental health awareness, pain management, basic health and safety, disability awareness, basic health and safety in the home, the care act, therapeatic support for those with hidden disabilities, good communication techniques, housekeeping, ironing, basic first aid awareness, etc..

You will be given a proper contract, care plan to read about the disabled client, access to free online courses, and information provided to you about your employment rights.

The disabled is very friendly and will be a very good employer. However, the employee must not taken advantage of your must still need to follow excellent work practices even though you will be privately employed.

You can opt in or out of a work pension but the employer does not have to automatically enrol you with it a being a low paid care job. Please visit if you want further information on your rights on work pensions.

You will get directly paid by the private employer every 4 weeks but you must sign time sheets correctly every week.

You will be given an invoice every 4 weeks with your hours you have worked and how much you have been paid for that period.

You will be paid directly via bank transfer from the employer, so you must have your own bank account. No cash in hand will be exchanged.

You are allowed up to 5.6 weeks of annual leave but you must provide advanced warning of taking annual leave though. You must keep taking random days off as it is important that the disabled lady has regular support each week.

And the employer will record your absences/annual leaves. It is important that the employer and employee practices good record keeping.

You must have excellent literacy and numeracy skills. If you are a non uk resident, you must have taken a professional qualification to proof you can speak good English.

And you must be able to demonstrste basic computer skills, such as emails, printing and accessing the internet.

You must be able to have access to a mobile phone and understand how to use basic modern day technology, such as a Sat Nav and modern day phones.

No time wasters, please.

Because of the nature of the client's disabilities, it is vital she employs the right candidate as it is important she feels safe around the person who cares for her. Even though you will be hired privately by the individual you must still follow the same professional standards as any other paid carer/support worker.

Please inbox the client for further information only. Please provide me with your full name, email address, home address and mobile phone. Ideally, I prefer to email people.

Do not ring the client on her telephone number as she will not talk to you over the phone or in video calls.

If she receives inappropriate messages or calls, they will be reported immediately.

Any interview will not guarantee you that you have a job. And the lady only wants to hear from geniune people.

The interview will be anything from 1 hours long. And it will be done in a safe public place in her local village in Derby, Derbyshire.

Please provide detailed information about your self and then I will invite you to an interview.

Please provide me with your email when you contact me, so I can ask you to send me your CV or I can email you a job application.

Any personal references you provide me, you must have know them for at least 2 years and you must know them in a professional manner.

Please make sure you have updated your CV and can demonstrate you can meet the above requirements in this advertisement.

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